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Baja Mexico


          Great waves, nobody in the water, fresh tacos, and ice cold beers! We drove the bus to Baja Mexico,  first stop the original Taco Surf. We got in town around noon, and the tide was high, so we sat around drinking beers, and watching the waves as the tide drops and the swell builds. Ended up paddling out around 2:30-3:00pm for our first afternoon session catching lots of waist to chest high waves. This beach offers a perfect point break peeling rights never breaking in front of itself. After surfing about 6 hours we were ready to feast. Jeremy called up a taxi to take us to Puerto Nuevo, but this was no ordinary taxi... when he pulled up, the first thing he said was, "My name is Nacho Libre, are you ready to party?" Standing on the main highway waiting for the taxi was a little scary. We would watch the cars swerve all over the road wondering if one would slide off and hit us? Once we got in the van with Nacho things got REALLY SCARY! Nacho instantly cranked up a mix of 1990's american love song hits, the best of Brian Adams, even the Barbie Girl song came on at one point... Nacho would be looking back to see if we were enjoying the music while swerving all over the road, we were just laughing the whole drive, trying not to think about how we had to just trust that "Nacho Libre" was going to get us back safely. After the heart wrenching drive along the coast, we had a few more ice cold beers to settle our nerves. Starving from a long day of surfing hard, we dove right into a giant sea food platter of fresh fish, lobster, oysters, calamari, scallops, rice, beans, endless homemade tortillas and more.

        Excited and ready for more perfect waves we woke early the next day, had a quick cup of coffee and a pastry to hold us over for a few hours, then paddled out once again enjoying the surf all to ourselves. We surfed until about 1:00 pm, got more tacos, had a couple more ice cold beers, waited for the tide to switch and surfed again. We survived another trip to Mexico, Double Shakas!


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