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Shaka Legend

No one knew how to live the shaka lifestyle like our great great grandfather Hamana Kalili. In fact he invented it.

It all started with a bang! One afternoon Grand-pappy was down at the North Shore tinkering with his fishing boat, as he often did. When the daily drizzle rolled in, he hurried to wrap up his project and crossed two wires that should never have been crossed... BOOM! 

Old Grandpappy blew his three middle fingers clear off- on both hands. Once the smoke cleared, he hollered out, "Oooeee! That was quite a shaka! But no worries, at least I still have my thumbs and pinkies." Soon after, Grand-pappy became a living legend for truly embodying the Aloha Spirit of everything is gonna be alright, no matter what happens. Everyone in town knew the story of "crazy" Hamana almost completely loosing both hands, and when locals passed him on the beach, they'd wave a friendly hello. Grand-pappy would smile and wave back- with only his thumb and pinky, of coarse. The locals soon followed suit and the shaka gesture was born. So whether you're shacked in a deep barrel on a double overhead day at Trestles, or cruisin' down PCH in your VW bus, be sure to flash a friendly shaka to your fellow Shaka People... and remember our great great Grand-pappy Hamana


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