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Shakafest 2016

Mahalo nui loa to O'neill for partnering Shaka People to co-host Shakafest!
Shakafest officially started at 11:00 am, we turned around no later than 9:30 am and the parking lot was littered with VWs. Someone had a count of over 150 VWs before he lost count due to what seemed like an endless arrival. Between 400-500 Shaka People were cruising around, just enjoying the moment. I would say Shakafest was a success! Staying stoked was definitely the vibe of the day... grab some Wahoo's Fish Tacos, raffle tickets, and a beer, cruise around, get freebies, and admire tons of rad VWs. Around 1:30 pm Shaka People & O'neill held a raffle with tons of killer prizes, including wetsuits, skateboards, beach towels, sun glasses, apparel, surf wax, gift certificates & more!
Thanks to everyone who showed your support at Shakafest! Harbour Surfboards Rinse Kit  EEZY Supplies Reeds Inc. Archies Ice Cream Suja Terminal Radness May_Seas 93.1 JackFM Wahoo's Fish Tacos Pierside Parts & Big Al and the Spring Suites 

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