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Mysto Shirt?

This week we released a new shirt…. but, before we officially released the design we asked the Shaka People Tribe (that's you) to pre-order the shirt as a "mysto shirt" and anyone who takes the chance will get to buy that new mysto shirt for only $10. Catch is the $10 deal was only around for 2 days, then we revealed what the new design. At that point was not a mystery anymore, so the prices shot up to $15. This offer will only be around for the first week. After the first week, you can still purchase the design, but it will be offered at $22. When you pre-order you help us know how many we should print without over doing it or under doing it. We will try this concept and if it seems to work we will keep it around! Tell us what you think: If you like the idea, try pre-ordering and stay stoked! If you missed the killer deal, keep an eye out for the next mysto offer. On the other hand, if you hate the idea… well, simply don't participate! and stay bummed!

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