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Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday at  San Onofre Beach means VW's as far as the eye can see. If you have ever been to San O. you already know on any given day the line to get in can take over an hour... in order to beat the crowd, we camped out the night before. One of the best things about bus ownership, you can pull off the road anywhere and be camp ready. That's just what we did. Tuesday night around 11:30 pm we rolled up to the gate and waited until dawn. We ended up being about 30 buses deep in the lineup, which was rad because number one, we had flat ground to park on, and two, since we weren't alone we partied until 3:00 am, then caught a quick nap until 5:30 am only to be woken up to a group of bus heads squawking about how to fix some electrical problem, and they all had a different opinion. The surf was small, but the shape, as always was on point so we started off the day with a great surf session. When we got out, we cooked up some bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches... hit the water again for a couple hours, and for lunch, we grilled up a 2lb. tri-tip and garlic bread. Stuffed, and tired, we caught a two hour nap before heading back to Huntington Beach. What a day!... Mahalo to everyone who stopped by and picked up a hat...oh, and for those of you that know him, I want to give a quick shout out to Ray & his bay. Aloha!

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